Statista API

Your audience, our knowledge

The Statista API empowers your intranet, your knowledge platform or blog with data from more than 22,500 sources in 170 industries. Upskill your workforce and drive page engagement with quality statistics, infographics and studies by the industry leader.

Use cases

Spread knowledge to where it is needed

Enrich your intranet

Let our team of 650 data enthusiasts work for you and enhance your intranet with statistics and studies that cater to your market needs.

Enrich your website

It has never been easier to enhance your website with high quality content. Offer attractive slide shows of Statista infographics that match your topic in a matter of minutes.

Enrich your workforce

Integrate the Statista API on your company knowledge platform. Let your team make better business decisions based on more than 1 million facts.

How it works

See our API in action

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Your benefits

Statistics, studies and infographics at your fingertips

Immediate access

Allow your workforce immediate access to draw from the competitive advantage of Statista.

Always up to date

Our editorial teams make it their mission to always stay ahead of the curve and keep updating our content.

Simple implementation

The Statista API 2.0 is designed with the developer in mind. The lean JSON format and the RESTfulness of the API make integration a breeze.

Important information: API 1.0 discontinued effective 09/01/2020

The API version 1.0 is not anymore being supported technically and will be discontinued effective 09/01/2020. In order to switch to the API 2.0, please follow the instructions of the technical documentation.