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The multifaceted garden & patio industry involves a great variety of subcategories, ranging from grills to flowers and plants. Like all other consumer goods categories, garden & patio faced serious challenges in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, compelling the industry to adapt.

As garden centers and furniture showrooms suffered forced closures in most parts of the world, online channels and direct-to-consumer retailers greatly increased their market share. This catalyzed the already ongoing processes of digitalization and retail streamlining. Similar observations can be made for the horticulture sector. The longstanding tradition of flower and plant auctions in the Netherlands was abruptly called to a halt by the first coronavirus wave, forcing farmers and retailers to sell their products in creative new ways. These trends are continuing in 2022, as the coronavirus pandemic is ongoing and all affected businesses further develop their new ideas.

Forecast outdoor furniture market value
17.8bn USD
Forecast lawnmower market value 2025
9.7bn USD
Forecast barbecue grill market value worldwide 2023
8bn USD

Market size

The great outdoors
Garden equipment market value worldwide from 2017 to 2026 (in million U.S. dollars)
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The garden & patio industry has a large presence around the world. Whether it is grills, lawn chairs, or plants, people are spending an increasing amount of money on their outdoor spaces. In fact, the global market value of garden equipment is expected to increase by nearly 10 percent annually. The fact that people can afford to spend more on non-essential items that were designed primarily for leisure and relaxation suggests a boom in the world economy.

Gardening supplies in Canada
Garden equipment in the UK
Gardening in Italy

Market segments

Grilling around the world
Value of the barbecue grill market worldwide from 2019 to 2023 (in billion U.S. dollars)
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As one of the most traditional ways of cooking, grilling meat remains a widespread activity around the world. Firing up the grill, barbie, or skottelbraai on a hot summer’s night is a popular pastime all over the globe, centered around the enjoyment of good food and great company. The barbecue grill market is one of the cornerstones of the garden and patio industry, showing steady growth in recent years.

Grill and barbecue market in the U.S.
Weber market share
Popular holidays for grilling in the U.S.

Regional overview

The surprising global leader in the flower trade
Number of cut flowers sold by Royal FloraHolland in 2020, by type (in millions)
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The Netherlands is the main hub for international floral trade. Flower export companies in Holland sell flowers which are grown in their own country, such as in the famous flower fields of the Keukenhof, but also resell imported flowers from mostly African countries. As such, Dutch flower exporters are able to sell any flower available, which attracts foreign flower wholesalers and flower shops. In most cases, the flowers will be sold at the Royal FloraHolland auctions.

Flower industry in the Netherlands
U.S. Agriculture
Agriculture, forestry & fishing in Europe

Industry trends

Gardens as a sanctuary during the pandemic
Average spending on gardening and outdoor items during coronavirus lockdown in the United Kingdom (UK) in August 2020 (in GBP)
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Like many other consumer goods industries, the garden and patio market was heavily affected by the coronavirus. But whereas flower auctions or garden centers suffered major revenue losses due to forced closure, other segments of the garden and patio industry flourished. For instance, as the Brits were confined to their private spheres, they spent more on DIY and gardening products. Garden furniture was especially sought-after, while barbecue equipment and plants also enjoyed a sales boom.

Coronavirus impact on the FMCG market
Coronavirus impact on retail in the U.S.
Impact of COVID-19 on the economy

Industry definition

All consumer goods that are primarily used in private gardens or patios fall under the garden and patio category. This includes grills and barbecues, flowers and plants, garden furniture, and other garden or patio equipment. Statista offers production, trade, consumer behavior, and retail data on all the relevant subcategories, including a large number of statistics on the flower market in the Netherlands. In addition, Statista Industry Reports, Market Outlooks, and surveys are available.

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